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Orijinn Web (and more) Development

We are Orijinn, and we are glad you are interested in our work.

We are a small but highly talented team, and we love creating everything related to the web. Our fields of expertise include simple sites and complex portals, small modules and web services, third-party APIs/services integration, databases, hosting, technical support, consulting, SEO optimization and analysis, and more.

For each request, we can either directly provide you with a solution, or connect you with one of our partners whenever necessary. As highly qualified professionals, we only deal with projects that fall within our areas of competence.

We know: if something is thinkable, it is possible.

Below you can find our recent projects. If you want to get a quote, or ask a question - feel free to contact us at, consulting; plugins
Plugin for Prestashop, working with custom API of the client
Chrome translation extension
Ongoing consulting, help and fixes. Desert Ashram websites.
Various Javascript, S2S and scripting solutions.
Technologies and techinal consulting.
Small fixes, technical consulting.
Paypal-related and other consulting
Hosting-related services, technical support, small tweaks.
Jquery carousel plugin
A Firefox addon to perform various manipulations on strings
Mailing list service for, to send bulk mails at once
Modules, APIs, services
Windows application for notification from web-based system.
Various tweaks and fixes for Wordpress-based websites.
For Multiweb company.
Development, support, releases and everything.
Full project support.
Website-to-phone API integration. SIPML integration.
Copropate website for bulk mailing and statistics.
As a part of a team, for Initech company.
Service based on Lending Club API.
Browser multiplayer game on Nodejs.
As a part of a team, for Initech company.
Search and tweaks for a Google Apps website. For HighT company.
Newsletter based on a Google Scripts and Activetrail API. For HighT company.
Price calculator for a travel company.
For Multiweb company.
Internet ticketing and admin part for an annual Yoga festival.
Tweaks and additions to PrestaShop module.
With WebDHM
Implementation of an internal API
Fixes and tweaks of the existing system for a Health Network.
Google Maps integration.
Fixes, additions, third-party API integrations.
Various credit card payments integration, as a replacement for existing payment way.
Social network. New modules, fixes.
Project for WebDHM. New modules, fixes, optimizations.
In progress
Internal catalog administration system development.
Paypal integration: Express checkout for digital goods. Sanity checks, code cleanup.
Paypal integration: Preapproved Payments, Express Digital.
Modules for Dolphin: chat, activity log, jewish calendar and more
Module for Joomla: enchanced polls: capcha, stats, comments
From scratch
Website with rich admin part. Smartphone application.
In progress..
Store for non-Kosher products.
Rich admin part.
Full project support.
In progress..
Grocery store.
Simple Android application.
Rich admin part.
Full project support.
Informational website for medicine company.
Informational website for tax-returning company.

In progress..
Presentation website for a smartphone app.
Administrative website to manage data via Voluum Api and Google Safebrowsing API.
B2c video solutions based on ready templates.
Rich admin part.
In progress..
Apartments and jobs board. Site rebuilt from scratch.
Full project support.
Lawyer firm website.
Design: Ido Zaifman
Website for a UX specialist.
Design: Nick Vasiliev
Russian community for an Israel cinematography.
Design: Nick Vasiliev
A platform for financial trading. Trading API.
With Initech
Real-time customer feedback for businesses.
Rich admin part.
Design: Marina Suris
Online casino games.
Pure Javascript solution.
As a part of a team.
Videos for business.
With WebDHM. Rich admin part.
Template customization, hosting choice, installation, SEO.
Design: Marina Suris
Website for Hagar Cakes.
Design: Marina Suris
A new way to print your pictures! Sending emails, statistics.
Design: Marina Suris
Matan Digital Printers.
Design: Titan
Soelim, Korean Healthcare company.
Design: Titan
Simple site, design included.
Fishka Club.
Based on tags. Languages; control panel.
Design: Marina Suris
Eshop for selling 3D personalized printed merchandize. (As a part of a team.)
3D printing for professional designers. (As a part of a team.)
Academic bank: electronic library for students. Document search, download, view. (As a part of a team.)
Web interface for the Gossimon - gossip-based distributed monitoring system
O.D. Productions photo studio: download your photos. Languages; control panel for admin.
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